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Land Back Embroided Patch


Image of Land Back Embroided Patch

What does LAND BACK mean?

Land Back means Indigenous sovereignty.
Land Back does not acknowledge or uphold colonial borders.
Which means that we do not uphold white supremacy.
Which means that we hold state violence accountable.
Which means we will not allow people to be swallowed by prisons.
Which means that we support our allies.

-Patch is 3x4 inches.
-This round of patches is the same coloration and trim as the first iteration, as shown in the preview image
-All profits after production costs are donated. Money kept for production costs is used to reorder stock.

All profits go towards land defence work, usually the Unist'ot'en camp, Landback Lane and Tiny House Warriors, but adjusts depending on whatever bullshit ends up happening on either side of the colonial border.

love now, peace later.